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The Ornish Diet is part of the solution to reverse heart disease on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

While strict in nature, the diet in the Ornish program is designed to reverse heart disease. Also, it positively affects the chances of developing cancer, depression and other health related issues.

Fundamental Health Changes with the Ornish Reversal Program on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

After 5 heart attacks, Larry was added to a group of people going through the Ornish program. Larry has completely changed his lifestyle for the better.  It would have never happened without the Ornish Program.

Reducing the risks of developing dementia – on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

Most dementia occurs at the end of life, which makes maintaining your brain health throughout your life all the more important. In ways to keep your brain healthy, you might be surprised that exercise is near the top of the list – especially due to vascular health.