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Wellness is enhanced though motivation at HealthFit on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

The picture of wellness encompasses more than just nutrition and exercise. It is also about happiness, relationships & career – and how they affect the whole individual. HealthFit provides so many options to affect every part of one’s life.

Health, Fitness & Nutrition – The Focus of Wellness Coaching on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

When it comes down to the individual, sometimes motivation is lacking. That’s why Wellness Coaching is a game changer when it comes to accountability and expertise – tailored to the specific person. It’s an investment in a life changing program.

Reducing the risks of developing dementia – on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

Most dementia occurs at the end of life, which makes maintaining your brain health throughout your life all the more important. In ways to keep your brain healthy, you might be surprised that exercise is near the top of the list – especially due to vascular health.