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The difference between a cold, flu and a sinus infection on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

Congestion that comes with a cold can sometimes lead to a sinus infection. Is it a viral or bacterial infection? How you can tell the difference and how you can help.

Dispelling the myths about the Flu vaccine with Dr. Tavarez on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

The flu vaccine is so important – especially for kids. Will you get the flu if you take the vaccine? Is the vaccine live flu? Is it the flu or a cold? Listen to Dr. Tavarez, Pediatrician, clear up some of the confusion.

Location Location Location! Sick children need care nearby – WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

Many young families who live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida are delivering their babies at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, and find follow-up care with Pediatrics at Lakewood Ranch. For example, the flu vaccine can be given to the little patients in their office.