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The Amazing Advancements in Back Pain Relief on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

Compression fractures – or bone cracks – happen in the spine. There can be many causes of compression fractures. Hear Linda’s story and how she benefited from a new procedure that helped alleviate her pain.

How Kyphoplasty works and how quickly it relieves back pain on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

With the kyphoplasty procedure, the cements used can closely mimic human bone density and strength. And while this procedure can seem like a breakthrough in treatment, the best practice is prevention. Listen in for some tips.

Kyphoplasty and how it helps Compression Factures – on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

In most instances, once compression fractures happen, they continue to deteriorate. If the patient’s case allows for the procedure, kyphoplasty is a solution that can provide instant relief from chronic back pain.

X-Rays, MRIs and more tools used in Compression Fractures diagnostics – on WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

Betsy Barr experienced a sudden, painful pang while moving heavy furniture. It turned out to be a compression fracture. Hear she dealt with the pain, and from SMH’s experts on diagnosis.

Compression Fractures and a new technique to relieve pain – On WSRQ’s Health Check with Heidi Godman

Pain is one of the biggest reasons for people visiting their doctor. Back pain is common, and a blow or osteoporosis is a leading cause of compression fractures in the spine. Listen to find out different ways to avoid damaging the bones.